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Known today as “the problem of two”, that is, any family and are not bound pair – erectile dysfunction – gives a lot of trouble as a man and his partner. Affect the gain or loss of potency may be a large number of reasons, including stress. However, this is not the main cause of men’s problems are much more severe atherosclerosis is considered, which is a metabolic disorder in the body. As a result of excessive consumption of fatty foods – formation on the walls of blood vessels plaques narrowing the lumen of the vessels.

Of course, the male sexual organ is directly related to the work of cardiovascular system, because it is filling with blood the penis causing erection. Accordingly, the healthy vessel, the greater the chances of a man long and active sex life.

Moreover, Western scientists have concluded that the occurrence of erectile dysfunction may be the first sign of atherosclerosis. Approximately 2-3 years of problems with potency in men and appear unimportant signs of the cardiovascular system. Good preventive combating atherosclerosis is a simple garlic. Total 3 cloves of raw garlic every day – and you will not encounter this truly terrible disease.

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It is believed that a cold shower invigorates the whole day, helps relieve fatigue, brain clean and collect his thoughts. In short, doeth wonders. Also widely believed that bounce back and get a new boost of energy after a hard day, you can take a cold bath. Scientists decided to find out exactly what and how much our body receives from such a procedure.

Recent studies have shown that the reality is not so simple as it seems. For the experiment, researchers recruited 20 young people aged 18 to 22 years. To begin with, they had to run for 40 minutes to get a good tired. After that it was time for a cold shower miracle. Or rather a very cold bath. Half of the subjects were placed in ice water for almost as long as 20 minutes. Her temperature was only 4 degrees above zero.

During the conducted measurements of various indicators, such as muscle strength, their tone, the levels of various substances in the blood. It turned out that among a group of subjects treated with ice baths and a group of those who did not, there is no difference. The only thing that drew attention – very slight difference in the concentration of C-reactive protein. This protein plays a protective role and its concentration increased during inflammation. Those who took cold baths, the concentration of this protein decreased slightly, but scientists say that the difference is so insignificant that it can not be taken into account.

However, despite the results of the experiment, the scientists are not sure what cold baths do not help at all. They are recommended to take, for example, in competitive athletes periods, which before it gave it 200%. But for daily use cold baths are not recommended. Just as long and is not recommended pastime in the icy water. A weakened organism for such a shock can have negative consequences.

Taking a cold bath, scientists propose to carefully observe the results. If they are absent or scanty, it means that you are such a procedure is not appropriate or just useless and it is better not to spend her time.

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How to maintain men’s health?

Modern life, unfortunately, apart from pleasing progress brings new products and some trouble. Man this is more susceptible to the negative effects of stress and a bad environment than its predecessor. Of course, this also affects the health, not the best way.

Modern men every day faced with a variety of situations that negatively affect not only the psyche and the general condition of the body, but in particular on men’s health. This, in turn, leads to a variety of experiences and loss of confidence.

How to keep your man’s strength, do not lose confidence in yourself and maintain a healthy self-esteem? Surely this question is raised by many men, because current statistics leads quite terrible figures. In terms of sexual health current man of forty far behind their peers, who lived just a century ago.
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This may be the stress, and harmful habits. And so with others must be combated. This will not only help your medication delivery , which will be necessary to return to its former shape drugs, but some work on yourself. After all, is not enough just to drink doctor prescribed drugs. Still need to take care and how to keep yourself not their effectiveness to zero.

For example, to abandon the use of alcohol and quit smoking. Get rid of the last habit is difficult enough, but it’s well worth. After all cigarettes – this is a blow aimed at the body, which affected almost all organs. Stop smoking, you can not only return potency, but in general, significantly improve their health. Alcohol is also advised not to abuse – everything in moderation.

Also should try not to be nervous. Initially, it will be difficult – in fact stresses confront us at every turn. But try not to react to stimuli still need. To do this, you can resort to the help of anger management. After some time, the problem of stress will disappear by itself.

And finally – should lead a healthy lifestyle, because in this case you can forget about the many health problems. An old proverb says: “In a healthy body – healthy mind”. Therefore it is necessary to revise your lifestyle in favor of health – the body will be grateful just glad.

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Category: Men’s Health

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December 17, 2013 20:48

Primarily for men’s health is important and the right healthy lifestyle, less stress and strenuous exercise. If poor health, then you need to order medications or consult a doctor.


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