Lovex description

Lovex description

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In this type of disease the patient has no respiratory symptoms between episodes of asthma. Episodes of asthma might be triggered by allergens, exercise and viral infections such as common cold or may be apparently spontaneous. Attacks may be mild to to severe and may last for hours, days or even weeks. For example, some people find that their asthma is worse in the spring when there is an increase in flowering plants. Others find their asthma is worse in the late summer or early fall when ragweed and leaves from trees are more likely to cause problems. Exercise induced asthma, simply refers to the fact that some asthmatics have primarily their asthma symptoms during exercise, and sometimes have no other asthmatic symptoms. It refers to the fact that in these individuals, when they exercise, most commonly in cold weather, they will begin to wheeze, become short of breath, and when tested will have all the characteristics of asthma, but often only during those circumstances. During the rest of their lives, they may have no other asthmatic symptoms. Exercise, cold air, sudden changes in air temperature, and even gastroesophageal reflux heartburn may be triggers for people with non-allergic asthma. I inferred when he said that, that he was including all schools – elementary up through college – but I dont recall if he actually said that.

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