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In West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and some other states there were District-wise reservation for admission to a medical college which was struck down by Supreme Court on the ground that the object of the selection of candidate for the admission is to select the best possible talent from the entire state, having regards to efficiency required for medical profession. It is against Article 14 of Indian Constitution. Designed to help you find export, import companies from all over the world. Search among trade leads, post your buy and sell offers. Reply trade inquries online posted by other merchants.

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Wish i’d been there… That concert must have felt like a privilege. ? Social anxiety is a discomfort or a fear when a person is in social interactions that involve a concern about being judged or evaluated by others. It is typically characterized by an intense fear of what others are thinking about them specifically fear of embarrassment, criticism, or rejection, which results in the individual feeling insecure, and that they are not good enough for other people. The results of this are fear and anxiety within social situations, and the assumption that peers will automatically reject them in the social situations.P Social anxiety disorder describes an intense fear and avoidance of negative public scrutiny, public embarrassment, humiliation, or social interaction. This fear can be specific to particular social situations such as public speaking vide supra or, more typically, is experienced in most or all social interactions. Social anxiety often manifests specific physical symptoms, including blushing, sweating, and difficulty speaking. As with all phobic disorders, those suffering from social anxiety often will attempt to avoid the source of their anxiety; in the case of social anxiety this is particularly problematic, and in severe cases can lead to complete social isolation. A person with social anxiety disorder is afraid that he or she will make mistakes, look bad, and be embarrassed or humiliated in front of others. The fear may be made worse by a lack of social skills or experience in social situations. The anxiety can build into a panic attack. As a result of the fear, the person endures certain social situations in extreme distress or may avoid them altogether. In addition, people with social anxiety disorder often suffer – anticipatory- anxiety – the fear of a situation before it even happens – for days or weeks before the event. In many cases, the person is aware that the fear is unreasonable, yet is unable to overcome it. So it doesnt matter if you tear up the picture of the coupon for instance i only need six so i would tear up six from that? pile of ten, as long as i have the upc and expiration date

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