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As a child, many tonsils removed and it is considered quite ordinary case, especially with frequent colds. Nevertheless, like every organ in our body, tonsils play an important role, being abroad in the way pathogens.

Located at the rear of the tonsil and neck adenoid are together with part of the lymphatic system. They are also designed to prevent infections in the body through the mouth or nose.

With this disease, as tonsillitis, tonsil infection affected, swell and start to hurt. The disease is accompanied by headaches, difficulty swallowing, and halitosis. In some rare cases can cause tonsillitis rheumatism. Defeat infection adenoids can lead to a variety of complications, ranging from breathing problems and ending with ear infections.

Often the main culprit of tonsillitis becomes bacterium Streptococcus pyogenes, known to all as streptococcus. Children who have not reached puberty, the immune system of the tonsils much more actively than in adults. This explains why children get sick more often tonsillitis adults. In addition, children’s immune system is still under development and has more loopholes through which the infection enters the body.

Recently, doctors try not to remove the tonsils, tonsillitis and try to treat with antibiotics This helps the body to fight infections in adulthood. If tonsillitis passes with complications or is a frequent visitor, the tonsils may be removed. Appoint such an operation, when therapy with antibiotics does not bring the desired result. There are other indications for tonsillectomy: for example, the patient is experiencing sleep apnea (pauses in breathing during sleep), or can not properly swallow meat or other products.

Note that after tonsillectomy frequency of colds can not drop – replace tonsillitis come bronchitis. Nevertheless, in some cases it is justified.

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